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Healing Mind, Body, and Soul in Jamaica






Negril Jamaica

What can I say about this magical place! It is absolutely amazing!


It is a "Haven" of healing herbs, water and highly vibrated fruits and veggies accompanied by sweet welcoming people. I went on this journey of healing with two really great people!  People who have seen my journey evolve into something un-imaginable, as will as I have seen their lives change in the blink of an eye, and all for the better of course! 


My intention for this trip was solely to learn more about herbs, be in the mountains and meet great people. What this trip turned into was amazing ritual healing, laughter and fun, coupled with herbal healing,  We definitely left this trip on a lifetime high!


The amazing healers we met, were in the mountains of montego bay. They gifted us with so much healing knowledge and great herbs and roots to bring back with us for continuous healing. We left Jamaica with a higher since of self. A s well as knowledge that will not only  propel our lives, but others as well! 



















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ME: I'm Vegan!


Friends: So you eat beans and tofu??


ME: No...I'm a Alkaline Vegan, I don't eat starch, soy, or beans!


Friends: So what do you eat?


Me: Let me show you!


This is how the meetup's began! My friends asking about my veganism, how I started and how they could add some dishes that are tastebud worthy into their diets! So instead of continuing the tread of text I decided to have them over, cook for them, have great conversation, and leave them with recipes!


This opened a whole new realm of sisterhood for me with these ladies! The dialect became way more then just food and eating healthy! It went into spirituality, birthing babies, healthy minds, healthy circles of people,healthy 

relationships, healthy vaginas! Everything you can think of we touched on! 


This particular meet up was all about being a Goddess, eating sexy, feeling sexy and looking sexy!


So I chose to feature one of my favorite vegan cook books. "Eat Yourself Sexy" by Lauren Von Der Pool! I tweeked some of the recipes in the book to acclimate to the cold New York seasonal foods.  Amazing enough, it worked out! I was able to share my creativity with these beauties, and we had an amazing time! Check out the photos below!

The Goddess Meetup