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You Are What You Eat!

You hear it all the time -- You Are What You Eat" !


I didn't fully understand that statement until I became a Vegan!


I would always get clients that had some type of hair issue and they counted on me to grow their hair back!  I would always look at them like, "why me exactly".  However, I was up for the challenge.

I would say, my clients, alongside my own journey molded my theory's on hair care! Before I became vegan I was pro Vitamins, so everyone's hair care regimen would include hair treatments as well as Vitamin intake!

Why Am I Losing My Hair!

The reason why people have tremendous hair loss is because of a vitamin decency happening inside of their body! Most of the time, the main culprits are Vitamin B, D, and Zinc.  This also includes alopecia even genetic alopecia!

What genetic aliments mean to me is that  you were born with a deficiency.  As you get older you lose even more vitamins, if you did nothing to increase them!

We live in a day and age where we can become  extremely stressed out.  Most  of us  do not live in a region that is conducive to our lifestyle!  This even includes myself.  The New York winters are a struggle for me, and  I always find myself feening for sun and coconut water!

So during these times  we lose even more vitamins, we must try extremely hard to keep them up!

 My advice to my clients is always a bit of a lifestyle change.  Duly note that woman will do anything for their hair! 

My first suggestion is always increase in juices!  I'm pro fruits.  Fruits are very good for you and they are packed with water.  You receive lots of benefits from them.  Fruit is the healer of nature!

All I'm saying is, the sugar in fruit processes completely different in your system then processed sugar, and remember to add leafy greens to your diet.  Raw is best,  so lots of salads. 

Allow yourself to have fun with your food. Your food should be extremely colorful, and along with your "Goddess Herbals Hair Vitamin Herbal Tea",  you're all set! 

All I can say is, healthy body, healthy life, with healthy hair benefits!

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