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How to Guide on a Flawless Shampoo routine:
Goddess Herbals addition 

Moringa Hydration Treatment

Pre-treating your hair with Moringa assist in moisture retention! along side of Amla and Marula this treatment is packed with collagen, Vitamin B, Zinc, Iron and much more! 

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Step 1: Pre-treat

Moringa hydration Treatment!

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The Tea on Moringa Hydration:

My favorite way to use this treatment is as a Pre-treat! saturating my hair root to tip the night before you shampoo. 

It will make your hair easy to detangle during and after shampoo.

Amla as so known as "Indian Gooseberry" Is an alkaline herb that strengthens the hair follicle as well as build protein within the strand!This treatment is also packed with Moringa, fenugreek and Marula, this will leave your hair feeling soft and looking shiny until your next wash day!

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