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  • Ashley Leneé

Queen Afuas Sacred Womans Rites of Passage.

In November of 2014 I decided to go vegan!

What exactly does that mean, right! At the time, all I knew is that I was sick, and I wanted to feel alive and back to myself, if not better then what I was!

I came across Dr. Sebi and started doing my research on how to become a alkaline vegan, and became obsessed! Within my research I came across Queen Afua and her program seemed divine, so I asked a friend of mine who knows Queen how she felt about the program, and if she thought I should take it!

I then began the back and forth of signing up. When Dr.Sebi passed away 2 years later, I went to a celebration that took place in Harlem and none other then the fabulous Queen Afua was there, in all of her beauty. I walked up to her so nervous and began to speak to her about how inspirational she is! She then handed me her flyer and everything changed!

That fall I signed up for what would become the change of everything I ever did! This rites of passage not only makes you a more steadfast individual in learning the way of your Ancestors and bringing back your consciousness, unlocking the knowledge that is in your melanin!

This rites of passage, brings you into the most beautiful circle of women. Women who are like minded, and proceed to help you keep focused not only on your goals, but their goals as well! It allows you to supersede your own vision and unlock new ones! This was a transformative year to begin this circle!

During the journaling of our emotional lives, some of us started with doubt wheather we could keep up with the 4a.m. rising meditation, and the cleansing of the sugars. But by the 3rd week, we all were charged and ready for more!

Week-by-week we became one with each other. As we read Queens amazing book, the cleansing got deeper and deeper as we approached ascension, we seen the vision!

Our ascension was filled with the most beautiful women in all white. Purified of their broken wounds, words of hurt and defeat, emotional eating, stagnation, and cluttered minds. Embracing their cleansing herbs and clays, hearts and souls light as a feather. They had forgave the world that hurt them, embracing their purpose and dived into their businesses. We bloomed into the Lotus woman that Queen knew we were!

That weekend we learned that this experience had forever bonded us all together, and could never be taken away!

Everything progresses from here, and everything we need is in this circle that will continue to grow Globally!

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