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  • Ashley Leneé

Winter Madness!

Lets talk about this winter, and how its been drying us all out! Our skin, our hair, everything is suffering!

Lets not forget about this terrible flu that is invading and taking over which is aiding in the dehydration. So lets take the steps to keep ourselves healthy and hydrated!

Here are 10 simple tips and tricks on how to keep your self hydrated!

1) Drink a 1/2 to 1 gallon of alkaline water per day.

2) Nopal Cactus: Slice this cactus pad and add to the alkaline water in a mason jar and drink with a key lime. You can also add cactus water and lavender to a spray bottle to spray your skin and hair daily.

3) Photo Huile d'Ales: These Hydration treatments are amazing, it contains castor oil, rosemary, and lemongrass. Add this treatment to your mask after shampooing and leave on under heat for 15 minutes. You can use this oil to pre-treat your hair prier to shampooing.

4) Fresh Fruit Juices: Juicing fruits that contain a lot of water like cucumbers, melons, prickly pear, pomegranate, strawberries and romaine lettuce.

5) Bentonite Clay: Bentonite clay mixed with apricot oil, lavender, and alkaline water. I used this to rub all over the body and let sit for 15 minutes before I shower.

6) Apricot Oil and Almond Oil: These two oils are my favorite, they don't leave a coat on the skin, they actually absorb into your skin leaving it feeling very soft and smooth.

7)Mineral Tea: Minerals like sea moss and bladderwrack, are going to keep you healthy and help your immune system fight these nasty germs. A lot of our foods are lacking minerals. We need to get them in our system in some form! Adding sea moss and bladderwrack to your smoothies or steep in a tea is a way to get the minerals we are lacking in most foods in our system.

8) Sour Sop: Sour sop is a very expensive tropical fruit. However, it is worth purchasing around this time of year! This fruit is packed with vitamins c and antioxidants, and great for fighting infections!

9)Coconut: Around this time coconuts are not the easiest to find! However, whole foods, and sometimes, your local farmers market will have them! If you can find them grab them up! They are full of electrolytes and will help you feel amazing all day!

10) Go somewhere warm: Last resort is to escape the cold! Take some TLC time. Self care is self love! Sometime you just need the sun, sand, and ocean to hydrate you. Mother nature has the perfect remedy for you!

Remember that healthy hair and skin means your body is healthy and happy. Its more about what were putting in our bodies, verses what were putting on top of it! So stay healthy and stay hydrated!

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